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Help A Hermit Appeal – We Need Your Ideas! – How Can We Make The World More Introvert Friendly?


Image via +James Bean

What is written below came on the heels of not only Obama’s victory in the 2012 elections, but also of a personal one. After many attempts to gain a degree in IT after decades working with computers (but failing to graduate due to disability and introversion so bad that he often can’t leave the house) it looks like finally +Ted Ewen will get his dream. Teachers at his University have agreed to provide one-on-one tutoring to help him through his Web Development course, most of which can be done at home. To celebrate we think it is only appropriate we released this post we have been working on and ask the world: how else can we make the world hermit friendly?

It is clear with the power of social networks like Google+ that it is easy to have many resources at your fingertips without knowing it. Therefore is also easy not to make the most of them (see image). All you have to do is ask a question on G+ to see people chipping in from all over the world. For those of us who grew up without this level of technology, it is easy to forget just how much power we have at our disposal nowadays. One place this has been evident is how the internet has allowed introverts to connect with the world in more productive ways.

We at Hermit Studio know that introverts are an intelligent, creative and supportive bunch that are often under-utilised and penalised one way or another for being introverted. As we are a minority in society, it is little wonder this happens. We want to change this and to unleash the power of hermitude!

As we have been getting the Hermit Studio business off the ground, doing Photography sessions for The Sunflower Project and refocusing our efforts on a New Puzzle Game, we haven’t had much time yet to devote to our wider goals: Empowering People To Change The World From Home. Being hermits ourselves, there are many obstacles in day-to-day life that could be alleviated if we could work within an introvert friendly framework.

Although we have many ideas for community projects, such as those listed in our links on the right, one of the barriers we see is the need for a way to take ideas to the next stage beyond ‘thats neat’ to handling the collective logistics necessary to organise and carry out everything online. To give an example, at G+ we have created a number of pages to act as a network for people interested in certain ideas and to provide relevant content for them, such as the G+ SF Anthologies (aka NovoPulp). However taking these projects to the next step requires functionality beyond the social network they were born in.

We want to design a web system that would bring together existing technologies as well as handle the workflow requirements of flexible co-ordinated efforts spread over multiple timezones. Rather than just providing yet another freelance tool we plan to build a place to crowd source the development of projects, instead of just the financing of them. We hope this will help overcome some of the difficulties of not having an external social network to rely on due to an introverted existence.

This way projects like Novo Pulp can get off the ground without money, lack of contacts or the ‘real world’ being a barrier. We want to Trade Time, Not Money. We hope this idea will be the key that will kick start The Hermit Studios project. This could allow it to become a hub that helps people trade what they have, what they know and their free time so that in return others will help them with their own passions (even if not by the same person). This way if you actually make money out of what you create it won’t be eaten up immediately by start up costs or loss of earnings. It also allows for more experimentation as you don’t have to worry about getting it right first time or face going bust.

Although we have focused on project development so far in this post this system could easily be used also for hobbies, internships, volunteerism, teaching and entrepreneurship. The barriers of the traditional class room or workplace are eroding as we become ever more interconnected in a 24/7 world. Introverts in particular need to take advantage of this movement.

Time Trader is just a starting point for this revolution-in-progress. We also want to see what the needs of the hermit community are beyond our own experience. So whilst the idea for The Hermit Studios Project is early in gestation: we want your suggestions to help it grow! We know the needs of the hermit community are many and complex. We have been trying to find ways in which we could solve these introverted issues, but we know many brains are better than one. If the internet has taught us anything it is that we are not alone, that is why it has to be part of the solution.

We called the project ‘The Hermit Studios by the way because we knew this would be a collective effort of like minded individuals coming together over a common interest. As with the story behind our new banner at Hermit Studio Games, we like to give credit where credit is due. We already owe so much to you all. You help make the hermit in us sane on a daily basis. So together let’s try to Help as many Hermits as we can šŸ™‚

What do you think would make the world more introvert friendly? What kind of hermit issues do you face? How can we make the most of our collective talents? Do you have any suggestions or comments? Let us know below!

Hermit Studio


About Niamh

Niamh Brown is a British Web Developer and Writer of Speculative Fiction who has emigrated to Denmark. She is Web Developer, Publisher, and Writer for NovoPulp and Hermit Studio.


6 thoughts on “Help A Hermit Appeal – We Need Your Ideas! – How Can We Make The World More Introvert Friendly?

  1. Reblogged this on Niamh News.

    Posted by Niamh | November 7, 2012, 9:47 am
  2. This was by far one of the most interesting things that I have read in a long, long time. I don’t entirely consider myself a hermit, but I am an introvert. Most of the time I’m scouring the Internet and reading just about anything I can, taking in information from anywhere and everywhere. I enjoy the “enlightenment” of it all. We live in a time where just about any question can be answered with a few taps on a keyboard, and a couple clicks of the mouse. That’s amazing to me.

    I have been working with computers since I was a teenager, and I’m finally trying to make it my career. I’ve been doing graphic/web design for about 2 years now and I just recently began the crazy process of creating my own business. “The Hermit Studios” sounds like a project that I would love to devote my services to. I have done the bulk of my work “pro bono” in order to build my portfolio and gain some valuable networking. Let me know what you might need help with, and perhaps you guys could even help me out a bit. Thanks for putting this out there, it was a great read. +Kristopher Marshall @Designattivo

    Posted by Designattivo | November 7, 2012, 10:47 am
    • Hi Kristopher!

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. I’m glad both that you found the article a good read (a writer never tires of hearing that hehe) and that you would like to contribute šŸ˜€

      We are obviously at early stages right now and we have to think how best to organise things before the website handles things for us. I plan to leave this appeal open for a bit to give time for others to give feedback and go from there.

      Hermit Studio itself is more web development heavy in terms of our skills so more graphic art/web design would be welcomed. I visited your site and liked what I saw šŸ™‚

      Do you have any ideas such as for features for the Time Trader site or anything else introvert related? It is good for us to hear what other people’s experiences are before we get too far into system design. If not that’s ok too šŸ™‚


      Posted by Niamh | November 7, 2012, 2:40 pm
  3. Hi Niamh, Here’s what I wrote to my Facebook friends when I shared you link. I hope you get lots of good ideas and interesting ways of thinking about this. I think too of including people who are “hermits” or house-bound or neighborhood bound from chronic illness or illness. There are many of us who are very sound in mind, but not sound in body. Well, here’s what I posted on Facebook to friends only:

    What could/would you do for others as a time or expertise sharing effort where you do something for them and, in turn, you can bank some credit for others to help you? If you are an introverted or very introverted person here’s a project that is just beginning. What if you just like to or have to work at home and are not really introverted. Could you help others in some ways if it was arranged as a work sharing enterprise of some kind? I think or architects working from home or landscape architects or photographers who can take a set of images from us and make a family history slide show or collage. How about editing several family movies of your favorite pet or favorite person; your mom or dad or aunt or uncle; sister or brother; son or daughter? What has you life been like? How about someone sitting down with you via skype and making an oral history for you based on your conversation. Do you have any ideas here. Share them with Hermit Studios. Thank you. Frank Elliott

    Posted by Frank Elliott | November 15, 2012, 5:11 pm
    • Hi Frank, nice to see you over here šŸ™‚

      I agree that there are may reasons why someone might wish to be based at home, from health issues through to personal preference. The idea is not to be exclusive per say, but provide a way for people who do face those barriers to be able to be a part of something bigger. Plus it could provide a way for other people to help us introverts even if they don’t consider themselves to be “a hermit” but are supportive of us and want to give back to the community.

      Part of this post was to see what kind of things would be of benefit and to gage interest in the idea. So thanks for spreading the word Frank šŸ˜€

      Posted by Niamh | November 16, 2012, 3:35 am


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